Monday, 13 October 2014


So, gunwales are on, so then it is time to smarten her up, sand her back and bung some varnish on. Only, of course, being a Minisail, 8 coats of high quality Epiphanes, with perfect, glass like finish taking weeks, didn't seem quite right. That, and I was in a hurry!

So, back to tried and tested G4 sealant. 3 coats in one day. Then wait a couple of days and sand it back, ready for a top coat. This time, however, I thought I'd try the Boanaseal glass version of G4, to see what happened.

Answer, really good. Goes on like G4, but shinyer afterwards. If I was a more patient varnisher, I'm sure it would have looked as good as "real" varnish. As it was, it has given me a smart a 10 paces hard as nails finish - exactly what was needed! Shiny enough on a sunny day, anyway...

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