Monday, 13 October 2014

Back the right way up

Once the hull was done, it was time to do the top. First up, the gunwales. The ones I'd taken off were, frankly, horrible. Fixed with a brass pin every couple of inches, they pinged off nice and easily, which explained why the edge of the ply was damaged. The glue must have failed decades ago.

Now, in theory, I should have gone and bought a nice long piece of mahogany to replace them with, but this being a Minisail, I thought I'd try something different. So, a quick visit to B&Q and Hombase molding racks (each had one part of what I wanted), I had 18mm quadrant for me to sit out over, and 6mm capping pieces for bow and stern. Front and back glued, the quadrant held with screws.

Sounds like a quick decision putting it like that, but I went through 1/2 a dozen different ideas before settling on that one. Then, make use of epoxy for where they join, and bob's your uncle!

Old gunwales on the floor, new ones on the boat. Not as smart as I was aiming for - too many years not doing carpentry.

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