Monday, 13 October 2014


Time to screw stuff back on. Here, we saw the only other real changes (after the gunwales and colour change) to the boat. Having landed on the central support blocks for the toe straps, they had to go. So, before and after:

Then, time for a bailer. Lets face it, those old Holt bailers aren't the best. So, onto ebay to find an alternative for less than the boat is worth...

Got lucky - a Holt Delta bailer, designed to work at slow speed (well, this is a Minisail) and even better, as old as the boat, but unused! Cutting the hole (a triangle with curved corners) was fun, as it couldn't quite fit right over the old hole, so some filling needed too.

Got there in the end, though:

Bit too much sealant, maybe, but better than a leaking bailer. Had enough of that with the old one!

Then control lines. The cvrda forum proved a great place to find a 3rd cleat to match the 2 for the kicker and even some wedges(thank you Obscured by Clouds!). I was then able to refit the kicker pretty much as before, and then ad a 4:1 Cunningham to replace the old, useless 2:1. The sail doesn't seem to need much cunningham, but it will be nice to be able to adjust it if needed. A picture speaks a thousand words:

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