Monday, 19 May 2014

Minisprint Max sail Sold!

Now sold.

This is a hardly used battened sail for a Minisail or (more likely) a Minisprint. At some point it belonged to Sprint 10016, but is now a free agent!

It has a few creases from where it has been folded for a long time, but it is otherwise looking much like it must have when made.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

And sailing!

The next stage is to take her racing, and to compare speed to the Minisail and the Lightning!

Lnisail, part 2

Well, I got her rigged and on the water. Amazingly, not only does she work, but actually seems to be better balanced than the original rig.

Was only sailing for a few minutes, so can't comment too much on speed, but handling was sweet.

The mast concersion involved taking the old sleeve off and putting a thinner (2 mm wall 60mm tube) one on. This jammed on very tight.

Once rigged, she looks like it was meant to be!