Monday, 26 March 2012

What a sunny weekend at Whitefriars!

Thanks to cars breaking down, in the end we had 3 Minisails at the Classic and Vintage training session on Whitefriars lake on the wekend of 24/25 August sorry, March. We also had an Aquabat and a Beachcomber come down - very interesting to compare the boats.

David A brought his Minisprint and Tom his new Monaco with bolt on seat, to join me and my Sprite. Saturday was beautifuly warm with a light breeze. I was on the committee boat for the morning, and so couldn't sail, but in the afternoon I took mine Minisail out and ran a singlehanded coaching session, concentrating on tacking and gybing. As well as the 3 minisails and Aquabat, we had a Megabyte and a Skol MKII International Moth taking part. The British Moths and the doublehanders having split into other groups.

I hope David and Tom gained in skill and confidence in throwing the Minisail around in light breezes whilst fighting with a sliding seat.

Sunday, I was offered a ride in a British Moth for the morning, so jumped in that. Everyone was training together doing mini races, and David and Tom had some epic battles, finishing at least one race side by side.

All in all, and excellent weekend of sailing. I hope more us us can meet up again soon.

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