Thursday, 23 February 2012

February sailing

People always think I'm a little odd for wanting to sail right through the year, and quite often I'd agree with them. However, apart from the wooly hat temerature, the sailing last Sunday, when the picture above was taken by Alistair Baird, was perfect. Great planing breeze, with gusts strong enough to really give a rush, but not a swim, the sun out to make it seem like summer - perfect!

 Intereting looking at the boat set up here, too, from the outside. Looks like I need to do something about the joint between the mast sections, where the creases are being formed. In the medium breeze I must have just powered up - the kicking strap is pretty slack to allow the boom to rise as I go looking for power in the next lull, or the leech hooks because of the battenless sail and I stop dead.

We will be looking at such things at the Coaching Weekend!

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