Friday, 10 February 2012

Minisail News

A few months ago, I brought out a pdf newsletter, Minisail News, to begin to bring news, hints and updates to Minisail sailors, via the Minisail website,

However, that does seem rather 19th century, harking back to the days of giant printing presses, the Royal Mail and proper paper. What was needed, really, was a 20th century approach... wel, we wouldn't want to get too up to date now, would we?

So, the answer would appear to be a blog...this way, when an article comes in, or something interesting happens in the world of the Minisail, it can be posted straight away, rather than waiting several months for the newsletter to come out.

And it can be commented on, by you, the reader, I think... I am still working out how all this blogging stuff works!


  1. Rupert,

    A good idea this blog.
    There are pro's and con's about separariting a blog from the official website but i am pro.

    I hope though that the creation of this blog does not mean that the making of a Minisail newsletter is discontinued.
    Blogs, websites and forums have their value but the content evaporates in a quick manner. A document such as a newsletter is like a photograph that reflects and documents what is going on at a certain moment in time. A document where you can refer to, unlike posts, comments or threads.
    Fresh and valuable content can be gathered here to feed the newsletter, as you suggest.

    Ah and maybe you want to edit the URL of the Minisail website. The one above goes straight to a Swiss model boat association. (and edit this last sentence as well if you like).

    Thank you and greetings,

    1. Thank you Ronny, for you comments and the URL pointer - now changed!

      As for a newsletter, I would agree that a paper newsletter does everything you say - I'm not convinced an electronic one is different enough from a blog to be worth doing - I'm looking at this blog as a newsletter that keeps updating itself.

      Maye once we have a viable class asociation again, with some money, even, we can look at having a paper yearbook, looking forwards to a new season and with hints and tips for sailors.