Wednesday, 28 March 2012

R&J Sails

When I first bought my Minisail, she came with the usual pathetically stretchy nylon mainsail that was probably in part responsible for the boat's downfall.

She just would not go to windward properly, though she was still quick on a reach.

The solution? A new sail, of course!

Knowing of R&J sails from their work with British Moths, and knowing they made replica Topper sails, this seemed like a good place to go.

Sure enough, Dick Hannaford new exactly what I was talking about, and for a very reasonable price, produced me a lovely red and white striped sail.

The upwind performance of the boat has been transformed. Whilst she will never be sparkling to windward, at least she will point in the same direction as everthing else!

On a reach, however, she now flies - up and planing sooner, and able to go lower and still stay on the plane.

So, all in all, if you are looking to boost your Minisailing fun, get in touch with R&J sails

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  1. Hi Rupert,

    Just read on the cvrda forum you got hurt while manipulating a boat. I whish you a soon recovery and do try to enjoy the enforced take it easy time in the coming weeks.
    On topic again: Just asked R&J an offer for a new sail. It is going to be made primarily for my new built Sprite hull.
    I could choose a number from 3 old sails I own and one number from the sail that was sold separately from the old Sprint hull(didn't buy it).
    Or the MS-CA could assign a new number to the sail.
    More Peter Matthews competence maybe.
    Like to hear what you think about it. No rush involved, sticking the numbers on a sail is probably the final touch in sailmaking.