Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Morgan sail has first outing!

A quick dash down to the club this morning (9/10/12) saw the first raising of my new (and Morgan Sails' first) Minisail sail.

A snug fit onto the mast makes pulling the sail on a little more difficult than the old sails, but pays massively once you start sailing, with no floppy bits of cloth on the sleeve.

My initial impression is of a very nicely cut sail, quite old fashioned in some ways, with little cunningham tension needed on the fairly flat entry, fullness coming from the outhaul tension, which should suit the Minisail, as too much cunningham tension would probably rip fittings out of some of the boats!

The concave leech isn't obvious, but does reduce the amount of hooking. However, I think Kicker tension is going to be vital to get the sail setting correctly. 

Oh, and the blue is a very nice shade!

Photos below hopefully show the sail to good effect. Thanks to Tim Hopes for taking the pics.

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