Monday, 17 September 2012

Dotted Minim hits the water

After her refit, my latest Minisail went for a trial sail, using the sail from Minim, my wooden Sprite.

Things went well, though in the gusty weather the Monaco hull shape did seem less "planted" than the Sprite. Might have just been windier than I thought...

The test capsize (deliberate, of course... maybe...) showed she was easy to right, but when I brought her ashore, she was dry inside! Can't be right...

The pictures show her rigged on the shore, and some detail as to how I did the control lines. Sadly, there are no pictures of her on the water yet, as my son, who was to take them, was too busy having fun blasting around in the Minisail's little sister, the Topper. Next time, and maybe with the new sail up, if it arrives this week!

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