Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Minisail Max

A huge thanks to Phillipe for sending me thse photos of his new, larger Minisail Max sail, made by Morgan sails in Southampton. He had this to say about it:

Last weekend I finaly had the chance to take my revived minisail out on the water again.
A nice temperature and a bit of wind. I do say 'a bit' :(
They predicted windspeeds of 6knots and gusts of 8.
I was gently breezed across the pond and only had to sit ou 4 times in a small gust.
But on the up-side I could give the new "MAX" sail its first outing and it looks great.
There is a significant difference in power and even in soft wind I could take a friend out on the water and get the sailing feeling.
Coming weekend the predictions are 12 knots with gusts blowing to 20 knots.
I guess I will then appreciate a second person sitting out.
The lack of wind, and possibly some inexperience in setting the sail means it doesn't look as good as I think it can, but at least we can get an idea of the shape.


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  1. I feel a question coming up from someone who needs a seat soon.

    The panel (and color) pattern matches the new approach.
    The sail designer was right in the decision to abandon the characteristic stripy (pijama) design with this new battened sail, it's a new thing all together and it might as well look different and contemporary.

    My feeling is that if rigged and sailed well a Minisail with this kind of sail will be a better performer. If it would have been allowed in the 7ties (and pattern making technology in sail making would have evolved to the stage it's in now) it soon would have become the preferred choice, hence have become the standard sail.

    However this is a first and it will need some fine-tuning. Thanks to Phillipe for clearing the path.
    Having some Minisails and short of sails I am tempted to contact R&J to make me a sweet battened sail with ... reduced sail area! To replace the one I currently use in winds above 4 to 5Bft. How shall that be called then, surely not Mini Minisail sail, sounds silly, ha.